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Forex No Deposit Bonus FBS $140

Forex No Deposit Bonus FBS is obtained by clients who level up without making a deposit first. No Deposit Bonus from FBS is launched for $140 named FBS level up. Actually the bonus is like other no deposit bonus programs, you can withdraw from trading profits on this bonus.

For those of you new users can make real trades with real accounts and real money using the nominal bonus without taking any risks. The most important thing is that after you make a profit, you can withdraw without conditions. It is used as a form of practice for beginners and for those who are experts of course as a trading business with free capital.

FBS $140 No Deposit Promotion Bonus

The information we got this bonus is valid until the end of 2021, of course as a good opportunity. But you need to know the terms and conditions that apply to get the $140 no deposit bonus.

Who gets the $140 FBS no deposit bonus? New clients will get this bonus for 7 days. Here are the steps to get the bonus:

  1. Visit the official website and register
  2. Perform verification
  3. Click the promotion menu, then open a level up account you will get $70
  4. Connect your FBS profile with your Facebook to be confirmed
  5. Install the FBS application, answer questions correctly, you can claim $70 again
  6. The total bonus you can get is $140

Withdraw FBS No Deposit Bonus Profits

After successfully opening the bonus account, you will get a new MT5 trading account number along with the login information, which has already been filled in with the bonus.

You will be directed to connect the personal area with your Facebook account so that the bonus can be activated.

Answering questions to improve your trading knowledge (right/wrong answers here have no effect on the bonus amount)

The last step, you only have 40 days to trade for 20 days and may not trade a maximum of 5 days, after this bonus is finished and the profit can be transferred to another real trading account to be traded again or withdrawn to the bank.

Micro LOT Trading

If you rely on a total bonus of only $140, then you can figure out how to profit from trading.

$140 capital is not a large amount to trade Forex and CFD. Then you have to do using a small volume first.

Some things you can do, you can trade from 0.01 lot which is equal to only 1000 units and use 1:100 FX leverage and set margin to trade 0.01 lot for only around 10USD.

Use 1:100 and 1:3000 leverage, meaning that leverage of that amount can support you in opening larger volumes, because you are only required to cover 100 times smaller margins.

Terms of withdrawal on profit

Follow the terms and conditions so that you can make a withdrawal:

  • Profits – Trade at least 5 lots for 20 active trading days with a maximum of 5 days missed in processing and withdrawals
  • $70/$140 initial bonus non-refundable

In addition to the above, there are several things above, you trade with the following conditions:

  • MT5 Platform
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Maximum op 0.01 Lot
  • The maximum concurrent position is 5
  • Close must be more than 10 points
  • Trade Only Major Forex Currencies
  • Only close profit is counted

Example of FBS Level Up Progress

You can conclude from the image below:

Thus the article that we can share about Forex No Deposit Bonus FBS $140. Hope it can give you some knowledge. Hello trading.

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